Vancouver Mayor Kem Sim To Eliminate Vancouver Park Board

Vancouver Mayer is moving forward to abolish the Vancouver Park Board


12/19/20231 min read

City of Vancouver Mayor Ken Sim is moving forward to abolish the 135-year old Vancouver Park Board.

With a 8-3 vote in favor to abolish the Vancouver Parks Board, Vancouver city council has approved Ken Sim's motion to start the formal process to abolish the Vancouver Park Board. All ABC Party members voted in favor during the public meeting with OneCity councilor Christine Boyle and Green councilors Adriane Carr and Pete Fry opposing the controversial move. This is a great first step to removing red-tape when it comes to addressing issues with managing and possibly developing on park lands.

Anne Kang, the BC minister of municipal affairs has said that they will "respect the decision of Vancouver City Council on the future of the Park Board." However, in order for the City of Vancouver to proceed, the city will need to provide the provincial government with a transition plan to address concerns regarding First Nations consultation, Parkland Ownership, and the future of the existing Park Board workers.

This is an amazing move by Ken Sim and the ABC Party. There is no need to have a secondary board to make decisions on parks. This will save costs for taxpayers when it comes to paying useless board members. Vancouver citizens seems like they are going to enjoy possibly money going into other projects. Lets hope the next is on the drug epidemic on Hastings street.