Canada Announces All New Cars Must Be Zero Emissions by 2035

Senior government sources says, Ottawa is set to unveil new regulations.


12/19/20231 min read

Canada is set to announce that all new cars sold will have to be zero-emission by 2035. A senior government source has said that Ottawa is set to announce their new regulations, pushing Canadians to more electric vehicles.

The new rules, known as the Electric Vehicle Availability Standard, is to help prop up the supply of the Canadian EV market by ensuring supply is readily available.

Canadians are already pushing back on EV's due to the lack of infrastructure and the lengthy charging times. Trudeau still has not learned that Canada is a very cold country, where in most things including batteries, have a higher chance of not working properly in low temperatures. The goal of this bill is to reduce Canada's carbon footprint, but is it really helping reduce emissions? According to an article from Forbes , electric cars would take anywhere between 1-24 years to be carbon neutral, accounting for the manufacturing emissions. While this might sound like it would be easily done, recycling of electric cars such as the batteries are a whole story.

Global EV Sales now make about 13% of all vehicles sales and is likely to rise to 45% at the end of the decade. The problem with EV's is that it is unaffordable for most Canadians due to Justin Trudeau's , "Justinflation", the cost of everyday goods such as groceries and gas has risen dramatically. to the point that people are not allowed to own luxuries in life such as a new vehicle.

The hope of Canadians getting out of this inflation caused by Trudeau and the Liberals are going to be extremely difficult. We will have to see in the next general election to see if a change of government can help get Canadians back on track.